Dear Folkestone & Hythe District Council,

I would like to make an FOI request for the following pieces of information:

1. How many people are employed to deal with FOI?
2. What is the budget for administering FOI?
3. Do you use case management software for FOI? If so, which one?
4. Do you publish a disclosure log?

If not all information is available, please treat questions individually.

Yours faithfully,

Alex Parsons

Folkestone & Hythe District Council

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From: Naylor, Jamie On Behalf Of information.officer
Sent: 28 June 2018 13:28
To: '[email address]'
<[email address]>
Cc: information.officer <[email address]>
Subject: FW: LS-007306-AN - FOI/EIR Request - FOI Statistics for 2017


Dear Alex Parsons,


I am writing in respect of your Freedom of Information enquiry dated 26^th
June 2018. This request has been handled under the Freedom of Information
Act 2000. 


Please note that due to the similarities between your two requests
LS-007306-AN and LS-007308-AN they have been aggregated and processed as a
single response. Please find below/attached information in response to
your requests.


LS-007308-AN – FOI administration.

1. How many people are employed to deal with FOI?

3.5 FTE; 1 senior information officer, 1 full time information office, 1
part time information officer, 1 administrative support officer (case

2. What is the budget for administering FOI?

There isn’t a defined budget for FOI specifically – the Council’s
information compliance team processes matters relating to FOI, EIR, Data
Protection, complaints and street naming and numbering (among other
miscellaneous duties). FOI is subsumed into the overall operating budget
for the team. Additionally, administrative work relating to the location
of materials in response to requests is conducted by the service areas who
hold the information. This results in a distributed burden of cost across
the authority that is difficult to quantify into a single budget.

3. Do you use case management software for FOI? If so, which one?
Iken v3 is currently used as a file repository for cases.


4. Do you publish a disclosure log?

No – this is currently being evaluated for feasibility. The WDTK service
is linked to the Council’s webpage as a stop-gap measure: 


LS-007306-AN – FOI statistics, 2017.

1. What period do you record FOI statistics in? Financial Year/Calendar

Financial year. For the purpose of this request, the data has been
converted manually to calendar year when calculating figures. Percentage
figures relate to the total number of valid requests received.


2. How many FOI requests have you received? (if this figure includes EIR
requests, please state)

1,244. All provided  figures are inclusive of EIR requests.


3. The number of requests where the information was granted?

877 (70.5%).


4. The number of requests where the information was entirely withheld (no
information provided)?

Information entirely exempted: 76 (6.11%).

Note: This figure includes requesters submitting duplicate requests and
lapsed requests for clarification.


Information not held: 177 (14.23%).

Note: This figure includes requests to the wrong authority which have been


5. The number of requests where the information was partially withheld
(some, but not all information requested, provided)?

Information partially exempted: 66.

Information partially not held: 60.

Note: there is some overlap between these two figures (12 requests) as
some cases will be partially withheld due to a combination of exempt
information and information that is not held by the authority.


Combined unique cases: 114 (9.17%).


6. How many requests were completed inside the statutory deadline?

1,191 (95.81%)


7. How many requests were appealed to internal review?

55 (4.24%)


8. How many decisions were upheld at internal review?



9. How many FOI decisions have been appealed to the ICO?



10. How many decisions were upheld by the ICO?

5, 1 pending decision.

Note: Upheld includes decisions where no formal notice was issued due to
case being withdrawn / closed, or applicant confirming satisfaction with


11. How many vexatious requests were received?

FOI - s14 - vexatious: 1.

EIR - r12(4)(b) - manifestly unreasonable: 3.


Should you require any further information, or if you are not satisfied
with our response, please do not hesitate to contact me. You may also
request an internal review by writing to the following address:


Freedom of Information Appeals Officer

Compliance & Information Governance

Folkestone & Hythe District Council

Castle Hill Avenue


Kent, CT20 2QY


Alternatively you can use our Customer Comment Form which can be accessed
at our website [2]


In addition, if you are not satisfied with our response you may apply to
the Information Commissioner for an independent review at the following


The Information Commissioner
Wyncliffe House
Water Lane
Cheshire SK9 5AF

Telephone 0303 123 1113 (local rate) or 01625 545 745 (national rate)



There is no charge for making an appeal.


Kind regards,

Jamie Naylor

Senior Information Officer

Tel: 01303 853252

Folkestone & Hythe District Council,

Civic Centre, Castle Hill Avenue,

Folkestone, Kent. CT20 2QY.

Email: [4][Folkestone &amp; Hythe District Council request email]

Website: [5]

Follow us on [6]Twitter and [7]Facebook

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