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Date:   05/07/2018 
Response/Digest FOI:  8384 
Wrexham County Borough Council does hold the information requested. 
Administration of FOI’s 
I would like to make an FOI request for the following pieces of information: 
1.  How many people are employed to deal with FOI?  
1 permanent FTE responsible for co-ordinating and monitoring all 
requests, (plus 1 officer each in 7 departments act as Link Officers for 
the department to co-ordinate departmental responses, alongside their 
own job role). 
2.  What is the budget for administering FOI?  
3.  Do you use case management software for FOI? If so, which one? 
4.  Do you publish a disclosure log?  
Please note that where information is subject to copyright belonging to the Council, you will need to 
obtain the permission of the Council to re-use it for purposes other than private study or non-
commercial research. The Council may charge for re-use. Where third party copyright material is 
disclosed, you must obtain permission to re-use from the copyright holders concerned.