DfT OLR Holdings Limited

A railway company y an Operator of Last Resort Holding Company, también conocido como DOHL

DFT OLR Holdings Limited (DOHL) is a Government owned holding company which owns companies known as "operators of last resort" which run train operations that are moved into Government ownership.

See Scottish Rail Holdings Limited for the analogous organisation in Scotland.

DOHL was established by the UK Government's Department for Transport to fulfil the Secretary of State for Transport's requirements under Section 30 of the Railways Act to maintain the continuity of passenger rail services in the event that a passenger rail franchise terminates and is not immediately replaced.

There are a number of operators who currently operate under the operator of last resort regime; therefore, you may wish to consider whether or not the information you seek would be held by DOHL, or, by one of its subsidiaries. You can find its key subsidiaries listed separately on our website by clicking here.

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