Dear Brent Borough Council,

I would like to make an FOI request for the following pieces of information:

1. How many people are employed to deal with FOI?
2. What is the budget for administering FOI?
3. Do you use case management software for FOI? If so, which one?
4. Do you publish a disclosure log?

If not all information is available, please treat questions individually.

Yours faithfully,

Alex Parsons

Barry Howlett,

1 Atodiad

Information request
Our reference: 10064197


Please see the attached
Yours faithfully
Barry Howlett
Principal FOI officer
[email address]

Howlett, Barry,

Dear Mr Parsons


Further to my recent email, the costs associated with the Corporate
Freedom of Information Officer post plus the oncosts is  = £62,300. 
However, other officer time spent collating and compiling the data for
responses to many of the freedom of information requests that we receive,
across all of our departments, has not been factored into this; we have no
way of accurately quantifying this.



Yours sincerely





Barry Howlett

Principal FOI & Complaints Officer

Chief Executive’s Department

Brent Council


020 8937 2214







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