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Information Team 
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Dear Mr Parsons  
Freedom of Information Request 606268 
Thank you for your recent request received 27 June 2018. Your request was actioned 
under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 in which you requested the following 
information – 
I would like to make an FOI request for the following pieces of information: 
1. How many people are employed to deal with FOI?  
2. What is the budget for administering FOI?  
3. Do you use case management software for FOI? If so, which one?  
4. Do you publish a disclosure log? 
If not all information is available, please treat questions individually. 

Liverpool City Council would advise as follows –  
The Information Team deals with requests received under the Freedom of Information 
Act 2000, Environment Information Regulations, Data Protection Act 2018 and General 
Data Protection Regulation. The Information Team comprises Officers from within 
Democratic Services, with a total of 4 FTE individuals having responsibility included 
within their Job Description – however and to be clear, the Officers concerned have 
wider responsibilities and as such dealing with Information Requests is only a small 
element of their responsibilities. In addition each Directorate has Information 
Champions to support the dissemination of information across the organisation and to 
ensure information required for responses is collated. Responses are issued either by 
the Information Champion or by the Information Team directly.  
There is no specific budget allocated for dealing with Freedom of Information 
Requests. Costs are contained within the overall Democratic Services budget and are 
not disaggregated.  
A Disclosure Log will be made available on our website during this calendar year.  
This concludes our response. 
The City Council will consider appeals, referrals or complaints in respect of your Freedom of 
Information Act 2000 and you must submit these in writing to within 28 days of receiving your response. The 
matter will be dealt with by an officer who was not previously involved with the response 
and we will look to provide a response within 40 days. 
  Liverpool City Council Information Team 
Cunard Building, Water Street, Liverpool, L3 1DS 

If you remain dissatisfied you may also apply to the Information Commissioner for a 
decision about whether the request for information has been dealt with in accordance with 
the Freedom of Information Act 2000. The Information Commissioner’s website is and the postal address and telephone numbers are:- 
Information Commissioner’s Office, Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire 
SK95AF.  Telephone 0303 123 1113.  Email – (they advise that their 
email is not secure) 
I trust this information satisfies your enquiry.  
Yours sincerely 
A Lewis 
Angela Lewis 
Information Team 
  Liverpool City Council Information Team 
Cunard Building, Water Street, Liverpool, L3 1DS