Tesco Stores Limited

A pharmacy, a elwir hefyd yn Tesco

From Tesco, you can request only information relating to its NHS pharmacy business.

To help Tesco direct your FOI request, please ask for it to be forwarded to the Superintendent Pharmacist.

You cannot use WhatDoTheyKnow to contact Tesco about customer service matters. Instead, you should contact their Customer Services team

If you are looking to obtain information about yourself (including CCTV images), you should contact their Data Protection Officer.

Retailers are also required to release carrier bag records in response to requests from the public. Carrier bag information is also collated centrally by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and may be available from them.

Ceisiadiau Rhyddid Gwybodaeth a wnaethpwyd gan ddefnyddio'r wefan hon

Nid oes neb wedi gwneud unrhyw geisiadau Rhyddid Gwybodaeth i Tesco Stores Limited drwy ddefnyddio'r wefan hon eto.