Network Rail Limited

A company controlling national infrastructure a a railway company, a elwir hefyd yn Network Rail

Network Rail has been subject to the Freedom of Information Act since Tuesday 24 March 2015. [1]
Responses received to requests prior to that date may carry a right to complain to the Information Commissioner if they relate to Environmental Information but not otherwise.

We have previously included the company on our site for some time, before it became subject to the Act, on the grounds that it is effectively a public body and it controls significant national infrastructure.

This entry can also be used to make requests to Network Rail Infrastructure Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Network Rail Ltd

See also: Our blog post which contains more information about the position of Network Rail

Ceisiadiau Rhyddid Gwybodaeth a wnaethpwyd gan ddefnyddio'r wefan hon

Nid oes neb wedi gwneud unrhyw geisiadau Rhyddid Gwybodaeth i Network Rail Limited drwy ddefnyddio'r wefan hon eto.