Independent Schools Inspectorate

A school inspectorate, a elwir hefyd yn ISI

This authority is not subject to FOI law, so is not legally obliged to respond (manylion).

This authority is not currently subject to the Freedom of Information Act 2000, but is included on this site due to its public responsibilities.

The Privacy Notice on the ISI website states:

As a private company, ISI is not subject to the Freedom of Information Act. You may find the information you seek on our website and sometimes we are able to supply additional information on a voluntary (non-statutory) basis.

Ceisiadiau Rhyddid Gwybodaeth a wnaethpwyd gan ddefnyddio'r wefan hon

Nid oes neb wedi gwneud unrhyw geisiadau Rhyddid Gwybodaeth i Independent Schools Inspectorate drwy ddefnyddio'r wefan hon eto.