The University of Law Limited

A university and a higher educational institution, also called The University of Law

The University of Law (founded in 1962 as The College of Law of England and Wales) is a for-profit private university in the United Kingdom, providing law degrees, specialist legal training and continuing professional development courses for British barristers and solicitors; it is the United Kingdom's largest law school. (Source: Wikipedia)

We understand The University of Law Limited is subject to FOI via Schedule 1, Paragraph 53(1)(aa) of the Freedom of Information Act which refers to The Higher Education (Transparency Condition and Financial Support) (England) Regulations 2018 which makes bodies on the Office for Students Register of Higher Education Providers in the "Approved (fee cap)" category subject to FOI. The register entry for The University of Law Limited states: "Registration category: Approved (fee cap)".

The University of Law Limited has a Public Information Policy.

There are a number of related companies: College of Law Services Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary which provides professional development courses; ULaw (UK) Limited, a law firm which enables the college to provide students with real-world experience and ULaw Hong Kong Limited, which offers higher education programmes in Hong Kong.

Legal Network Television Limited which traded as College of Law Media was dissolved in March 2020. The ultimate parent company of The University of Law Limited is Global University Systems B.V. a private limited company registered in the Netherlands.

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