National Grid plc

A company controlling national infrastructure

You only have a right in law to access information about the environment from this authority

The National Grid is subject to the Environmental Information Regulations (EIR) due to their designation as a "holder of a transmission licence" [Energy Act 2004 (Designation of System Operator) Order 2004].

However, be warned that National Grid have written to the team to say: "The information requests submitted to date, (or in the future, for that matter) will not receive a response from National Grid plc via the '' website. However, National Grid plc would be happy to consider any reasonable request for environmental information made direct to National Grid plc".

Despite this, we encourage you to make your request to National Grid plc in public using WhatDoTheyKnow. If they do not answer it, we recommend that you complain to the Information Commissioner.

Environmental Information Regulations requests made using this site

Nobody has made any Environmental Information Regulations requests to National Grid plc using this site yet.