National Archives

An executive agency

Requests to the National Archives can be made for:

  • information in the archives that was transferred to the National Archives from other government departments
  • information from the National Archive's own administrative records

Around 5% of the National Archives' records are available online.

A Freedom of Information request can be used to require the National Archives to consider if a "closed" record should remain closed, and to obtain a copy if it is deemed appropriate to release it*.

The National Archives has a record copying service which can be used to obtain digital copies of documents, not previously digitised, for a fee. Freedom of Information law does not provide a route for avoiding these fees as the exemption applying to information accessible by other means will usually apply - though that exemption is subject to a reasonableness test.

The National Archives is also the place to file FOI requests to the Office of Public Sector Information (OPSI) and Her Majesty's Stationery Office (HMSO).
Requests for information held by The London Gazette, The Belfast Gazette or The Edinburgh Gazette should be made to the National Archives.
The National Archives was formally known as the Public Records Office.
Regulations allow the National Archives to make charges in respect of some requests for information. Requestors will be notified in advance if a charge is payable.

Freedom of Information requests made using this site

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