London Councils

An association of public authorities

London Councils is an organisation which brings together representatives of the 32 London Boroughs and the City of London Corporation, the Metropolitan Police Authority and the London Fire Brigade.

London Councils is not a local council, but an association of public bodies in London, intended to aid working together both operationally and in lobbying central government.

According to their website, London Councils:

Runs the Freedom Pass & Taxicard concessionary fares schemes, runs a range of housing, consumer protection and other services (eg Consumer Direct & NOTIFY), and distributes nearly £28 million in grants each year to voluntary groups in London.

"London Councils is a cross-party organisation, funded and run by our member authorities to work on behalf of them all, regardless of political persuasion. We also act as the employers’ organisation for the 32 London boroughs, providing advice, support and training, and representing them in negotiations."

The members (the bodies listed above) fund London Councils through subscription.

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