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Also called Blackpool Transport Operators of buses and the tramway within Blackpool and its environs.
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Also called Edinburgh Trams As Edinburgh Trams Limited is owned entirely by public authorities we are subject to the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002.
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Also called Metrolink Keolis Amey Metrolink is the operator and maintainer of Metrolink, which is provided under a contract [1,2] with the Transport for Greater Manchester....
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Also called MML Midland Metro Limited is 100% owned by the West Midlands Combined Authority, it works under the "West Midlands Metro" brand.
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Also called NET Nottingham Trams Limited is the operator and maintainer of Nottingham Express Transit, which is provided under a PPP concession agreement [1,2] between...
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Also called Stagecoach Supertram Stagecoach Supertram is the operator of the 'Supertram' service in Sheffield, which is provided under a concession agreement [1] with the South Yorkshi...
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Also called TfL A local government body responsible for public transport in Greater London, including the London Underground and London Buses. We list TfL subsidiary C...
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