Cumbria Waste Management Limited

A company owned by local government

Cumbria Waste Management Ltd, along with Cumbria Waste Recycling Ltd, Lakeland Waste Management Ltd and Lakeland Minerals (see make up the Cumbria Waste Group. It's subject to FOI, unlike others which are only covered by EIR, due to its public ownership - it's ultimately owned by Cumbria County Council (see second paragraph as of now on Cumbria Waste Management Ltd's significant control is held by Cumbria County Holdings Limited:
Notes in a FOI request from 2017 confirm the County Council as the top level owner -
This is supported by CCH's accounts, which state: "The company is a 100% owned subsidiary undertaking of Cumbria County Council. The accounts for the parent undertaking are available from The Courts, Carlisle, Cumbria, CA3 8NA".

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