Chief Fire Officers Association

A professional body, also called CFOA

This authority is not subject to FOI law, so is not legally obliged to respond (details).

Please note that the Chief Fire Officers Association is not subject to the FOI Act, so it may not reply to requests.

They make the following statement about FOI requests:

"CFOA is a private company and the Freedom of Information Act does not apply to the Association, since Schedule 1 of the Act does not include a definition which covers CFOA. Nonetheless, CFOA is very willing to place some information in the public domain. This information is published on [the CFOA] web site, mainly as Position Statements.

What CFOA is unable to do is to respond to requests for information under the Act. The organisation is too small and there are too few members of staff to be able to conduct the necessary research and to compile the responses. Accordingly, CFOA is adopting a policy of responding to requests for information only if it is readily available and can be swiftly transmitted to the inquirer. Other requests for information will be politely refused.

Members of the public who are considering making a request for information from a fire and rescue service should contact that service."

Freedom of Information requests made using this site

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