Bournemouth International Airport Limited

An airport operator, also called Bournemouth Airport

You only have a right in law to access information about the environment from this authority

Bournemouth International Airport Limited used to be jointly owned by the local authorities of Greater Manchester and Bournemouth, but in March 2013 it was partially privatised which took it of the scope of the Freedom of Information Act.

We list certain airport operators on WhatDoTheyKnow because we think access to information legislation should apply to them. The Environmental Information Regulations, which give a right of access to environmental information, apply to private companies which have been given special legal powers. Airport operators are often given special powers, including those relating to the creation of byelaws and the regulation of drone flights. Airport operators may also often have special levels of influence, for example in relation to input to the planning process.

Bournemouth International Airport Limited is now a wholly owned indirect subsidiary of Regional and City Airports Holdings Limited *.

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