AWE plc

An executive non-departmental public body

AWE supports the UK Government’s nuclear defence strategy and the Continuous At Sea Deterrent. The company also supports the UK’s counter-terrorism and nuclear threat reduction activities.

AWE plc, often known as the Atomic Weapons Establishment, became a wholly owned non-departmental public body of the Ministry of Defence on 1 July 2021[1, 2].

Prior to 1 July 2021, the company had operated on a "government-owned-contractor-operated" basis, with shares being held by Lockheed-Martin, Jacobs Engineering Group, and Serco[3].

You may wish to consider whether your request may be better directed to another body, such as the Ministry of Defence, the Defence Nuclear Organisation (part of the MOD), the Defence Safety Authority, the Health and Safety Executive, or the Office for Nuclear Regulation.

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