AT Medics Ltd

A part of the National Health Service, a NHS Primary Care Provider, a provider of the NHS 111 service and a provider of NHS Urgent Care (Out of Hours GP Services)

AT Medics Ltd is London’s largest Primary Care provider. It delivers NHS Primary Care Services to over 390,000 patients across 49 locations in 19 London regions. The company manages GP Surgeries, GP Hubs and Extended Access Primary Care services.

We list the GP surgeries run by AT Medics Ltd separately.

AT Medics is the GP out-of-hours service provider for the borough of Croydon, and it also contributes to the South West London Clinical Assessment Service, which is provided via the 111 phone number. *

AT Medics run "SWL Integrated Urgent Care". *

This private company is subject to FOI in relation to its provision of NHS services.

The company's latest strategic report from its 31 March 2021 accounts at Companies House state that "On 10th February 2021, the ownership of AT Medics Holdings LLP ("the 'Holding Company') and its subsidiaries was transferred to Operose Health Limited and MH Services International (UK) Limited, subsidiary companies of MH Services International Holdings (UK) Limited."

The 31 December 2020 financial statements for MH Services International Holdings (UK) Limited state: "The immediate parent entity is MHS Consulting International, Inc. The ultimate controlling party is indicated to be Centene Corporation, a publicly traded company incorporated in the United States of America."

We list Operose Health separately.

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